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LAFC 2020 Kit - DLS20 Kits

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Los Angeles FC Kits 2020 - DLS20 Kits

Los Angeles FC (LAFC) 2020 kits for Dream League Soccer 2020 (DLS20), and the package includes complete with home kits, away and third. All Goalkeeper kits are also included. I hope you will enjoy play the game with kits from kuchalana.com.

Its design bets on a classic combination of black and gold. The first is the dominant color and even plays tonally in the vertical stripes that descend through the torso. The gold, however, serves for the accents we see in the sponsors.

The inside of the neck is also gilded, where the legend “Shoulder to Shoulder” is stamped, highlighting the union between the team, its fan - 3252 - and the general community. Almost hidden, at the waist we also see a flag with the LAFC shield.

Finally, the triple adidas EQT strip that characterizes the MLS 2020 collection, appears in a dark gray that blends with the overall look of the jersey.

LAFC Home Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/8y4bpAm.png

LAFC Away Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/1RvTAJv.png

LAFC Goalkeeper Home Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/pDYy0GT.png

LAFC Goalkeeper Away Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/znh61lJ.png


URL : https://i.imgur.com/FXCZUmd.png

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