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PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

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Paris Saint-Germain PSG Nike Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG 2020/21 kits for Dream League Soccer 2020 (DLS20), and the package includes complete with home kits, away and third. All Goalkeeper kits are also included. I hope you will enjoy play the game with kits from kuchalana.com.

This year the shirts seek to commemorate the club's 50th anniversary by bringing back the original design imposed in 1973 by then-president Daniel Hechter. The home shirt features a thick vertical red band escorted by thin white stripes, interrupted at the front to make room for the main sponsor of the Parisian team.

The crossover collar is painted blue and white, while the cuffs are finished in white and red. The Nike shield and logo align with the white stripes, gravitating more towards the center than usual.

PSG 2020/21 Kit

The away kit takes an inspiration from the 1995/96 season model, which also featured the Hechter stripe on the front in red with blue edges, interrupted to make room for the main sponsor. 

This time around it will have a button-down polo collar, while the club's crest and Nike Swoosh line up with the edges of the band, just like on the local model. On both shirts the phrase "Paris Saint-Germain 50 Ans" is repeated on the side strips, in addition to the French flag on the waist.

This jersey , like the other third top club uniforms of the North American brand, is inspired by a shoe model : the Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux” worn by Michael Jordan in the 1992 NBA All-Star.

This shirt takes embroidery as the main color in a design where the shoulders are painted white with a division in the middle of the sleeves where they become black. The advertising and the Jordan logo, meanwhile, stand out for their appearance in a shade of gold while the shield combines the latter color together with black.

Among the more specific details of this clothing stands out a slight pattern of fine vertical lines along the torso, while the neck is painted black. In the interior of this, as it is usual in PSG / Jordan t - shirts I appears written "Paris" with the letter A replaced by the logo of the brand.

Like the other third-party Nike releases, this one will be accompanied by a special edition of footwear , in this case Air Jordan IV in tune with the shirt .

Paris Saint-Germain PSG Home Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/JY4DZxT.png

PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG Away Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/WrmV331.png

PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG x Jordan Third Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/7FOfoEc.png

PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG Goalkeeper Home Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/pVtaWKU.png

PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG Goalkeeper Away Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/mIM3NhF.png

PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG Goalkeeper Third Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/dFqio1o.png

PSG 2020/21 Kit - DLS20 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain PSG  Logo

URL : http://i.imgur.com/vNHtbSz.png

Paris Saint-Germain PSG logo 512x512 px

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Parma calcio 2020/21 for DLS 20

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Parma calcio 2020/21 for DLS 20



Parma calcio 2020/21 for DLS 20

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