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AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 - DLS2019 Kits

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AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma 2020/2021 kits for Dream League Soccer 2019, and the package includes complete with home kits, away and third. All Goalkeeper kits are also included. I hope you will enjoy play the game with kits from kuchalana.com.

AS Roma 2020-21 Home Kit

Its design presents the traditional garnet of La Loba and is accompanied by a strip that exhibits a striking and beautiful gradient of orange tones.

The idea is not new in the Roma books. In fact, it rescues the uniform that the club wore 40 years ago, when they won one of the nine Italian cups that adorn their showcases.

The original design is affectionately called "ghiacciolo" (ice cream popsicle) and was created - like the iconic Lupetto - by Piero Gratton, the legendary Italian designer who passed away this year.

The 2020-21 version, of course, includes the technological advances commensurate with this era, as well as touches of its own. Its sleeves are maroon and not white, its neck is crew-type and "Roma" is printed inside with yellow letters.

AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma 2020-21 Away Kit

The main tone of the new jersey stands out for its ivory tone. It is precisely this that we see in statues and classical constructions that denote the rich and extensive history of Rome, the city on which one of the most influential empires of humanity was formed.

The legendary red and yellow “Roma” combination adorns its two-button polo neck, a nod to the 80s, the club's golden age. Garnet red is also used on the cuffs and the stripes that adorn the sides.

Along with this we also see that AS Roma leaves its current shield to bring back the Lupetto, an iconic symbol used in the late 70s and early 80s, and that was created by the recently deceased designer, Piero Gratton.

Finally, red pants and ivory socks will complete the AS Roma away kit for 2020-21.

AS Roma Third Shirt 2020-21

The design mixes a black torso with orange shoulders, in a declared reference to one of the club's alternative kits in the 1998-99 campaign. The striking color combination is also present on the collar and a beautiful version of La Loba's shield.

However, the main source of inspiration corresponds to the Air Max Safari model, one of the most desired within the sneakerhead community and a creation of Tinker Hatfield, guru at Nike's headquarters.

The black is, the orange is and also the animal print, originally based on an ostrich. The latter, by the way, appears making a hole in the side panels of the elastic.

Black pants and socks, with orange accents, complete the look of the AS Roma 2020-21 third shirt.

AS Roma Home Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/Jj7F23n.png

AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma Away Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/FSxf1zf.png

AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma Third Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/ioLF1V2.png

AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma Goalkeeper Home Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/HHO1KtV.png

AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma Goalkeeper Away Kits

URL : https://i.imgur.com/YdTmf7e.png

AS Roma Kits 2020/2021 -  DLS2019 Kits

AS Roma Logo

URL : http://i.imgur.com/noLGx1T.png

AS Roma Logo 512x512 px

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